Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A long winded update.

A friend posted a link to her "mommy blog" this morning, and after reading hers, I realize that my blog is much neglected- probably because there are days when I can barely remember my name, and I tend to forget that I even have a blog. Oops. I'm still with the crochet thing (coming up on a solid year of ONE hobby! Hooray for my attention span!) but I just can't do the hats any more. I guess I made so many last year that I burned myself out, and now I don't even really want to look at hats. I've been super busy (as far as crafty stuff goes) since Christmas, and I wanted to share a few of my finished goods.

Drop in the Pond lap size afghan. Pattern found here.

Monster High hat. 

My Christmas wreath.

Crochet cowboy set.

Potholders for the swap.
Showing the other sides of the reversible ones.

Celine swaddle set made for a baby gift.

A fuzzy beard hat made for a gift. I foresee requests for more of these in my future.

Some "pee-pee teepees" made from my own pattern. Hopefully I can get it written up to make sense and posted soon.

That's all of my finished goods. I'm currently working on a hexagon swap, a scrap blanket made from 4 round granny squares, a sunflower lap blanket, and I have been dyeing LOTS of yarn. 

My four year old diva so sweetly informed me that she NEEDS me to make her a crochet blanket for her new big girl bed, so I guess I will be adding a twin size to my "to do" list as soon as I take her to pick out colors of yarn.

I want to write up a post about yarn dyeing. I thought about including it here, but I have done so much lately, it would make this post days long, so I'll save it. If I remember to take more pics next time I "paint" yarn, I'll even post a tutorial for how I do things. 

Just a sneak peek of some that I've dyed.

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